Terror attacks: some murky lessons

What can terrorism research tell us about vulnerability in the Middle East? The findings are not as predictable as you might think.

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Weekly Briefing: Sri Lanka in shock

Sri Lanka is reeling after coordinated suicide attacks at churches and luxury hotels killed hundreds on one of the most sacred of Christian days, Easter Sunday.

What the Global Terrorism Index results mean for Europe

Terrorism deaths are down, but authorities must remain aware of the changing threats.

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Al-Qa’ida’s Expansion in the African Sahel

Al-Qa’ida is re-emerging as a major threat and expanding its reach into new territories, most notably into the Sahel and sub-Saharan regions of Africa, writes Vishal Makhijani.

Cyberterrorism is the new frontier

Serge Stroobants from the Institute for Economics and Peace on the hybridisation of terrorism and the cyber world.

Preventing violent extremism: global investments for national security

As nation-states retreat from multilateralism, Dr Khalid Koser and Lilla Schumicky-Logan make the case for global investment in the prevention of violent extremism.

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