New peace economics analysis inside the latest Positive Peace Report 2018

Simply addressing the factors that led to violence in the past will not be enough to sustain peace. Improvements in peace require broader and more systemic strategies.

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Building Peace is More Difficult Than Destroying It

Countries with higher levels of Positive Peace not only have a reduced number of grievances that arise, they also have the ability to resolve emerging disagreements without the use of violence.

Shifting the Way We Think About Nonkilling

Nonviolence has long been the hopeful narrative. We can develop a bold strategic paradigm for the future for holistic societal change.

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Positive Peace in Mexico

Mexico’s imbalanced Positive Peace performance underpins Mexico’s difficulties in addressing its high rates of criminal violence.

Is Education a Major Driver of Positive Peace?

One of the Positive Peace pillars is critically predicated upon the efficacy of a modern education system in the production and distribution of human capital in a society.