Working towards world peace

To mark the International Day of Peace we look back at the last decade to see how far the world has come.

Around ten years ago, Founder and Executive Chairman of the Institute for Economics and Peace Steve Killelea produced a film about the often unnoticed ways in which people are building peace. Nonviolent alternatives to war are more common than we are led to believe.

Today, Soldiers of Peace continues to raise important questions about peace, war and the future of humanity, and illustrates the connections between individual acts of enterprise and heroism, and the systemic changes we now need if we are to survive the 21st Century.

The film touches on the war on terror, nuclear weapons, global warming and climate change, youth and war, issues that remain relevant today.

To reflect on the last ten years, see our timeline of events in peace and conflict to see how far we’ve come.

Vision of Humanity

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