Peace in the Age of Chaos: the story behind the Global Peace Index

Read the debut book from Steve Killelea, Founder & Executive Chairman of the Institute for Economics and Peace.

For more than a decade, the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) has produced neutral, data-based research into levels of peace around the world. Before the Global Peace Index launched, founder Steve Killelea AM already had a successful career in global business and technology, and a family foundation helping the world’s poorest of the poor.

In this podcast, Steve Killelea AM talks about his debut book, how he became an “accidental man of peace”, his experiences in the world of global business and providing developmental aid in some of the world’s most violent, and dangerous countries.

Peace in an Age of Chaos tells of Steve’s personal journey to measure and understand peace. It explores the practical application of his work, which is gathering momentum at a rapid pace. In this time when we are faced with environmental, social and economic challenges, this book shows us a way forward where Positive Peace, described as creating the optimal environment for human potential to flourish, can lead to a paradigm shift in the ways societies can be managed, thereby transcending and reinvigorating western democracies.

Peace in the Age of Chaos is available now online at all major bookstores. Order and more info →

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