IEP Ambassador Feature Series – Kate English, Washington D.C.

For the fifth Ambassador Feature Series, IEP interviews Kate English from Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. based ambassador Kate English traveled to Rwanda to present IEP’s research and the Positive Peace framework to teachers in Kigali.

Kate English is Executive Director for the Educator’s Institute for Human Rights (EIHR). The organization is devoted to partnering with teachers in post-conflict settings to deliver content and strategies for teaching mass atrocities history, genocide prevention, and sustainable peace. Kate took part in the second cohort of the 2019 Ambassadors Program in order to apply IEP’s research and the Positive Peace framework in EIHR’s own educator training.

Communities and countries have rebuilt and thrived, not by accident or inertia, but by making choices that we can see illustrated in the Positive Peace model. I knew this would be an important element of the collaborative work we develop as a learning community.

During a three-day teacher training at the Kigali Genocide Memorial in partnership with Aegis Trust, Kate ran a full session introducing the Global Peace Index and Positive Peace. In this workshop, Kate presented data from the 2019 Global Peace Index, 2019 Positive Peace Index, and encouraged participation in the Positive Peace Academy to approximately 35 teachers. 

Kate was first introduced to the Positive Peace Academy after seeing a presentation with the Protection and Prevention Working Group at the Friends Committee for National Legislation. After completing the online program, she saw a connection between IEP’s research and the vision of her organization, EIHR.

To Kate, the Ambassadors Program framed and affirmed Kate’s personal understanding of peace with significant data. The work at EIHR includes building sustainable peace based on best practices in Holocaust education; the organization uses resources from the Global Peace Index to illustrate contemporary examples of mass atrocities. Kate plans to include Positive Peace content in EIHR workshops in the US and globally.

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