Activating Positive Peace Webinar with GPPAC

This webinar will outline the Positive Peace research and discuss practical examples of the application of the Positive Peace framework

Positive Peace, or the attitudes, institutions and structures that create and sustain peaceful societies, offers a new way to achieve sustainable development, violence reduction and resilience. Institute for Economics and Peace‘s (IEP) Positive Peace research provides a framework to understand and address the many complex challenges the world faces.

Based on IEP’s empirical expertise and years of statistical analysis of thousands of datasets, the Positive Peace framework consisting of eight Pillars, focuses on what works and emphasises factors that create thriving societies. A wide range of partner organisations are adopting IEP’s Positive Peace framework in strategic and community application.

This webinar outlines the Positive Peace research presented by Research Fellow Paulo Pinto and discuss practical examples of the application of the Positive Peace framework. The intent of the session is to open your thinking to the application of Positive Peace framework within Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict your practice. GPPAC is a global network led by civil society organisations (CSOs) actively working to prevent violent conflict and build more peaceful societies.

Click here to watch the Webinar.

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