Rotary Peace Conference

The founder of the Institute for Economics and Peace and the Global Peace Index will give the keynote address at the Rotary Peace Conference in Melbourne.

Measuring the Global Impact of Terrorism

Terrorism experts will gather in Vienna to discuss the latest global data and the way ahead for Europe.

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Global Peace Index 2018 – New York launch

This event will be made available to watch online.

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Global Peace Index 2018 Launch – Belfast

The discussions will explore the GPI key findings, and also how Positive Peace impacts Northern Ireland 20 years after the Belfast Agreement.

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Building the evidence for better prevention

The Sustaining Peace Agenda has put renewed attention on conflict prevention as a central priority and goal to enhance international, national and local peace and security.  However, there is not yet  a systematic research framework telling us what works in avoiding conflict or what a successful peace building approach looks like. The Panel will discuss key issues such as: