First grassroots Positive Peace workshop in rural Africa

Never before has IEP worked directly with village communities in this way.

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Positive Peace Conference 2018

More than 130 peace practitioners, academics and policymakers gathered at Stanford University in California last month for IEP’s third annual Positive Peace Conference.

How one of the world’s youngest countries became an example of Positive Peace development

Strong political institutions enhance a country’s resilience and support other improvements in Positive Peace. Timor Leste has been demonstrably successful.

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Painting Mexico: An initiative of Positive Peace

A participant of the 2017 Mexico Positive Peace workshop has gone on to create peace in her local community in a creative way.

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Building Peace is More Difficult Than Destroying It

Countries with higher levels of Positive Peace not only have a reduced number of grievances that arise, they also have the ability to resolve emerging disagreements without the use of violence.

Positive Peace in Mexico

Mexico’s imbalanced Positive Peace performance underpins Mexico’s difficulties in addressing its high rates of criminal violence.