⭕ IEP preview: COVID-19 & Peace Briefing

In 2020, humanity faces one of the most serious crises in recent history. The tragic loss of life and deep economic disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic will permanently change society and economies.

Pandemics and Peace at a Glance

‘Pandemics and Peace at a Glance’ takes a look into William Long’s 2011 book, which investigates the interaction between the effects of a pandemic on peace.

2020 Ambassadors Program – expression of interest now open

Register your interest in the 2020 Ambassador program before March 15.

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Learn from the leading experts in peace and conflict with this masters programme

The programme provides students with the tools to analyse key issues in peace and conflict around the world, preparing graduates with the skills to forge a career as practitioners or researchers in the areas of conflict analysis, arms control, international security, conflict prevention, peace-making and peace-building.

2020 Ambassador Program – last opportunity to apply

With a growing global network of ambassadors, the program affords an opportunity for individuals active in peace building to connect with one another through online platforms and develop a greater understanding of IEP’s work.

Rotary Positive Peace Academy to train thousands

Just launched: The new course offers an enhanced user experience and offers greater opportunity to connect with peers.

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Painting Mexico: An initiative of Positive Peace

A participant of the 2017 Mexico Positive Peace workshop has gone on to create peace in her local community in a creative way.

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Building Peace is More Difficult Than Destroying It

Countries with higher levels of Positive Peace not only have a reduced number of grievances that arise, they also have the ability to resolve emerging disagreements without the use of violence.