Defining Positive Peace

It is not often that we get a chance to really get to grips with what positive peace means, to reflect on how it is used and to understand how the different communities involved in peace work define and pursue the goals of positive peace.

The five most peaceful countries in the world

93 countries recorded higher levels of peace in 2017, resulting in a slight improvement in world peace according to the annual Global Peace Index report.

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Digging for peace in Afghanistan – Economists on Peace

Extracting and leveraging Afghanistan’s mineral wealth for security and development goals is linked to a number of prerequisites, writes USIP’s Sadaf Lakhani.

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Report: Measuring Peacebuilding Cost-Effectiveness

This research brief by the Institute for Economics and Peace, supported by Milt Lauenstein philanthropy is the first in a series of research briefs aiming to quantify and measure the cost-effectiveness of peacebuilding activities.

The Macro Economic Impact of Violence

In addition to higher and inefficient public spending, violence has both short and long term adverse effects on the economy of affected nations.

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