How data can help build world peace

The Institute for Economics & Peace is dedicated to analysing data to understand peace, developing the world’s leading metrics to quantify its value.

Six Charts: Challenges for SDGs in the Pacific

States and small islands in the Pacific face a different set of development challenges.

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Key Findings: 2018 Homicide Data Index for Mexico

This is the inaugural attempt to systematically evaluate the quality and completeness of homicide data in Mexico at a sub-national level.

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Refugees and Germany: The Discrepancy in Data and Opinion

Accurately interpreting the crime statistics could contribute to fewer sweeping stereotypes and perhaps greater harmony in social cohesion.

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The 5 Countries that Improved Most in Peace

Four out of the five countries included are from sub-Saharan Africa. For 11 years, at least one sub-Saharan African country has been included in this list.