Positive Peace with ACCC

IEP’s Charles Allen, Director of Partnerships leads a Positive Peace workshop at the 3rd Advancing Community Cohesion Conference at UNSW.

IEP participates in ‘Light of Peace’ ceremony at Wat Phra Dhammakaya

Over 100,000 people, including IEP, participate in the “Light of Peace” ceremony on Magha Puja Day at the Dhammakaya Temple on its 50th Anniversary.

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Learn from the leading experts in peace and conflict with this masters programme

The programme provides students with the tools to analyse key issues in peace and conflict around the world, preparing graduates with the skills to forge a career as practitioners or researchers in the areas of conflict analysis, arms control, international security, conflict prevention, peace-making and peace-building.

The G20’s Responsibility for Arms Control

The 19 G20 member countries and the EU account for 82 per cent of global military spending. Why is disarmament and arms control never on the agenda at the G20’s regular annual meetings?

2020 Ambassador Program – last opportunity to apply

With a growing global network of ambassadors, the program affords an opportunity for individuals active in peace building to connect with one another through online platforms and develop a greater understanding of IEP’s work.

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Lessons from modeling the US firearms market

The United States suffers from the highest rates of gun violence in the high-income world. With an average of over 14,500 firearms homicides per year in 2017, the U.S. has a rate of gun homicide over 13 times that of Canada.

IEP research recognised in academic journal

Calculations on the global economic cost of violence have been peer-reviewed and published for the benefit of scholars and researchers.

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