Darfur: The Estimated Impact of the Military Spending

The economic priorities of Sudan are distorted by the conflict. Sudan is a relatively poor country that spends far more lavishly on guns than on butter. The costs of the Darfur war are a serious public policy issue and an unaffordable drain on Sudan’s resources.

National Service or All Volunteer?

“Increasingly, the U.S. regards military service as a personal and professional career choice and not a civic or national duty or as essential to the debate on American citizenship,” writes Jomana Amara.

Monopoly on the Use of Force: The Rules of the Game are Changing

“The state has not only lost its dominant position in economic terms but its pre-eminence as an actor in the use of force has diminished too”, writes Herbert Wulf for Economists on Peace.

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Mass Atrocity Economics

“Mass atrocities exact an enormous toll, a full count of which conceivably might approach one billion people over the past one hundred years”, writes Jurgen Brauer for Economists on Peace.

Digging for peace in Afghanistan – Economists on Peace

Extracting and leveraging Afghanistan’s mineral wealth for security and development goals is linked to a number of prerequisites, writes USIP’s Sadaf Lakhani.

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Economists on Peace – New Collaboration

We are thrilled to announce the launch of ‘Economists on Peace’, an editorial collaboration between the Institute for Economics and Peace and Economists for Peace and Security.