Positive Peace and a pandemic

It is a reminder that these Pillars are crucial, not only to preventing violence but allowing society to weather both internal and external shocks.

German Peace Index 2020 Webinar

The Brandenburg Institute for Society and Security will host a webinar on IEP’s new German Peace Index 2020 on the 29th May

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📈 Future Trends — COVID Innovation, Michigan Riots, Remittances Fall

This series, curated by the Institute for Economics & Peace, takes a look at global news which may provide insight to the future. Here’s what you need to know this week:

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Doing Good in Hard Places Isn’t Easy

Programmes that work well in ‘ideal scenarios’ might not work as expected, if they work well at all, in more difficult settings. Yet standard programmatic typologies are seldom significantly modified when they are placed in a (potentially) violent situation.