Data-Driven Analysis on Trends in Terrorism

Join IEP and head of the European Counter Terrorism Centre in The Hague for this free presentation.

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Al-Qa’ida’s Expansion in the African Sahel

Al-Qa’ida is re-emerging as a major threat and expanding its reach into new territories, most notably into the Sahel and sub-Saharan regions of Africa, writes Vishal Makhijani.

IEP supports the United Nations Global Counter Terrorism Coordination Compact

In its sixth year, the Global Terrorism Index is providing robust data-driven analysis to international bodies addressing the terror phenomenon.

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Press round up: Global Terrorism Index 2018

Deaths from terrorism fall 44%, terrorism still widespread; from the BBC, USA Today to Forbes, CNN and Deutsche Welle – find out how the global media are covering the Global Terrorism Index 2018.