Books For Teaching Children About Peace

Equipping young generations with knowledge about peace empowers them to advocate peace in small interactions, and inspires their imaginations to consider a peaceful world.

Saudi youth empowerment and national development

The future of national development in the Kingdom hinges on empowering its youth.

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Positive Peace in Mexico

Mexico’s imbalanced Positive Peace performance underpins Mexico’s difficulties in addressing its high rates of criminal violence.

Mexico Peace Index 2018

The Mexico Peace Index 2018 launched last week. Here’s what you need to know – in charts.

These are the top 5 most peaceful states in Mexico

The Mexico Peace Index, produced annually by the Institute for Economics and Peace, has reported that four of the top five most peaceful states in Mexico continued to improve their levels of peace. All five most peaceful states have shown an improvement in at least one key area due to conscious reforms.

Is Education a Major Driver of Positive Peace?

One of the Positive Peace pillars is critically predicated upon the efficacy of a modern education system in the production and distribution of human capital in a society.

Watch: 2017 Positive Peace Conference

The 2017 Positive Peace Conference brought together leading positive peace practitioners, policymakers, members of the media, and representatives of other fields to explore new opportunities and challenges for strengthening positive peace.

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The Cost of Violence in North Korea

Though there have been attempts to curtail human rights violations, securing stability and peace for the North Korean people remains a nebulous task. The DPRK stands as one of the most repressive autocratic states today.