Cyberterrorism is the new frontier

Serge Stroobants from the Institute for Economics and Peace on the hybridisation of terrorism and the cyber world.

The Paris riots are an example of growing risk globally

The recent riots in Paris may have come as a surprise for some, but for others the social protests are growing sign of risk, writes Dr Sadaf Lakhani.

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Press round up: Global Terrorism Index 2018

Deaths from terrorism fall 44%, terrorism still widespread; from the BBC, USA Today to Forbes, CNN and Deutsche Welle – find out how the global media are covering the Global Terrorism Index 2018.

IEP and the University of Oxford to launch Historical Peace Index

The Index will use cutting-edge statistic methods and robust historical data to map Global Peace over thousands of years, and provide evidence-based insight into how to improve levels of Global Peace in the future.

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