Exactly how global is the global arms production?

Gauging global arms production is not easy. When the most reliable source of data reports by company, rather than country, it’s difficult to determine globality.

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Successful Peacebuilding: A summary of research findings

The Institute for Economics & Peace’ research program has demonstrated that efforts to build peace can and do show measurable results and lead to the successful reduction of violence and meaningful improvements in people’s lives.

Building Peace is More Difficult Than Destroying It

Countries with higher levels of Positive Peace not only have a reduced number of grievances that arise, they also have the ability to resolve emerging disagreements without the use of violence.

Sport: A Cost Effective Means of Refugee Inclusion?

Despite the increasing number of initiatives all over the world, the current situation highlights the lack of coordination between stakeholders.

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The 5 Countries that Improved Most in Peace

Four out of the five countries included are from sub-Saharan Africa. For 11 years, at least one sub-Saharan African country has been included in this list.